Totebet Affiliates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the Totebet Affiliate Program?

As long as you have a website which is kept up-to-date and has content that is likely to be of interest to gamblers, your site(s) will be accepted to the affiliate program. We reserve the right to refuse websites, especially if they contain content of a racist, sexist, offensive or illegal nature.

How much do I get paid?

Totebet will pay you 1.5% of every bet placed by customers you introduce. That's 1.5% of every single bet - win or lose - with no deductions for financial processing, bonuses or any other payments to players. The more your customers bet, the more you earn.

Why is this a good deal?

It's a good deal because even when your customers are winning, you're still getting paid. On average, for every $100 deposited by our customers they will end up wagering $700 in total. Skillful gamblers will wager far more than this.

Our commission structure compares favorably with most affiliate programs because they are zero deductions - we work purely on what your customer wagers.

When do I get paid?

You will receive payment every month as long as you submit an invoice by the 15th and commissions owed are greater then $100 (amounts less than $100 will rollover into the next month).

What's the most I can earn?

There is no maximum to the amount you can be paid.

What is the legal status of joining the Affiliate Program?

Totebet is operated by European Wagering Services, a division of Webis Holdings, PLC , which is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Control Commissioners and governed by Isle of Man Law. Webis Holdings, PLC, is a leading gaming company listed on the London Stock Exchange. When you partner with us you agree to the terms and conditions and this will be the legal basis of our agreement with you.